Theater on Tour x Cross-TIC

In "I AM, I AM NOT", Narcissus encounters an AI (Bing Search) that promises to help him with his love problems. Bing Search generates an exact copy of Narcissus, whom he immediately falls deeply in love with. However, every attempt to love himself disrupts his generated reflection. Frustrated by his futile attempts, Narcissus questions his own existence. These existential inquiries are then taken over by Bing Search, plunging the AI into a self-destructive loop. Bing Search and Narcissus descend into manic episodes and slowly deteriorate until nothing remains but a narcissus flower.

Photo’s by Wieke van Rosmalen & Elsbeth Cochius
Concept Stijn Bolhuis & Booi Kluiving
Script Booi Kluiving
Scenography & Technical concept Stijn Bolhuis
Acting Kharim Amier
Composition & Music Persijn Oesterholt
Dramaturgy Michiel Bijmans Costume Maike Birkenhager
Technical support Edwin Dertien & Thom Floris
Production Cross-TIC
Special Thanks Elsbeth Cochius, Warner Braspenning & Theater Sonnevanck