Interactive Installation
Rijks Museum Twenthe

The artwork "In the Eyes of a Group" consists of three sets of moving googly eyes that constantly gaze at each other, displaying various emotions. It performs a small theatrical piece where the eyes observe and are observed within their group. By continuously watching one another, a sense of connection and unity is formed, but it can also exert pressure to conform to the norms and expectations of the group.

The artwork emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and introspection in group interactions, inviting the viewer to critically reflect on their own role within this dynamic. Through the interactive googly eyes, the viewer is encouraged to actively engage in this process of self-examination and consciousness.

When the artwork detects a loud sound, the eyes respond together and turn towards the direction of the sound. This highlights the instinctive connection we have as social animals and the way we unconsciously react to our environment and each other. The googly eyes serve as a playful symbol of our constant observations of others, which influence us to avoid deviating from the norms.