Theater in VR / VR in Theater

Artistic Research

Theater in VR

In this artistic research project (together with Cross-Tic) we explore the dynamic convergence of theater and virtual reality (VR). Through a series of insightful interviews conducted in VRChat, we investigate how theater elements are translated and reimagined in virtual environments. Uncover the fascinating ways in which VR platforms like VRChat facilitate the breaking of conventions, the emergence of new norms, and the unique interactions within this immersive space.

VR in Theater

In our presentation we guided the audience towards the
semiotics and internet culture to gain a deeper understanding of the integration of VR within theater. Examine the expressive potential of VR as a medium and its impact on reshaping theatrical experiences. Discover how virtual reality offers exciting opportunities for innovative storytelling, immersive performances, and the seamless blending of digital elements into traditional theatrical forms.

VR-Chat a platform for performing

In the world of VR, despite the debates about its vitality, there is an wundeniable power in the connections forged between individuals within virtual spaces. These connections give rise to a sense of liveness, where participants engage in a form of performance that transcends physical limitations. When people come together in VR, whether it's through shared experiences, collaborative projects, or spontaneous interactions, a unique kind of "virtual biechthok" (confessional booth) is created. Within this space, individuals meet, interact, and express themselves, forming a collective tapestry of stories, emotions, and shared moments. It is through these encounters that liveness emerges, where the boundaries between performer and audience blur, and the virtual realm becomes a stage for authentic human expression.